our mission

 Openbambooforest works in partnership and rual district farmers and

bambooforest's volunteers communities in Japan  organized to achieve environmental sustainability, economic self-sufficiency, energy  self-sufficiency and make beautiful lifestyle.

  The vision, initiative, organization, and implementation of the projects we support come directly from the communities with whom we work.

Increasing populations and the growth of a global middle class results in a rising demand for wood and fiber based products, placing further pressure on the planet’s remaining forests.

Bamboo’s fast growth rate and high productivity results in significant volumes of fiber produced per area and input. Industry of Bamboo's investment into new technology enables bamboo’s use in the manufacturing of most products that currently rely on wood as their raw fiber.


Language , Literature,and Bamboo

When speaking about bamboo,the Japanese use the terms take,chiku,and sasa,and these words have been assimiterted into yhe culure's idioms and figurative language:chikuba no tomo describes a 'boson friend' from childhood,and takeo wattayona-hito is a 'sincere,straightforward person'

Bamboo is also integrated into the pictograph lanuage of kanji characters,the waritter characters of the Japanese language,and its extensive inclusion supports bamboo 's importance in the language.

Kanji was adopted from the chinese system,which dates back to the sixteenth century B.C. As the system was adopted,mpst kanji took on two readings :on,chinese,and kun,reflecting the Japanese phonetic system.

Building a Bamboo Industry Complex

Model regions that combine health,lifestyle,forest and include town plannnig are starting.

Bamboo christmas Village


We are here to build that last,create markets that thrive and sustainable lifestyle and we drive business using bamboo impact through

market,inonovation and intelligent capital.


Bamboo livelihood village in Philippines


Sustainable villsge in the affected regions is needed to create New industries with higher productivity than the industries that existed prior to the disaster.


Focus to explore business opportunities in Philippines

 Philippines   Bamboo designers Club

Craftmanship for christmas market

Agriculture with bamboo farming

Fisheries using bamboo

Village where we could have bamboo ezpierence.

Bamboo schools for

designers ,creators form foreign countries.


What we offer


Your wildest deam come true

For the coming Enhancements


Advisory Servics

strengthen project desgin,capacity building knowlege generation,replicability and scalability